Thursday, February 9, 2012


St. Mildgytha
Born  Unknown

Feast day: January 17
Died: 676

Benedictine nun, daughter of St. Ermenburga, a princess, and Merewald. Her sisters were Sts. Milburga and Mildred. She received the veil from her mother at Minster on the Isle of Thanet and later became abbess of a Northumbrian convent.
Saint Mildgyth (or Mildgytha) (Old English: Mildgȳð) (died 676) was the youngest daughter of Merewalh, king of Mercia and Saint Eormenburh.Her sisters were Saint Mildburh of Wenlock and Saint Mildrith.

She was a Benedictine nun and later abbess of a Northumbrian convent. Her feast day is January 17

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