Thursday, February 9, 2012


St. Ulfrid

Feast day: January 18
Died: 1028

Missionary and martyr. Oiginally from England, he journeyed to the Continent to participate in the missionary efforts of the era in Germany and Sweden. He was martyred by pagans after chopping down an idol of the god Thor, an act also performed by St. Boniface.
St. Ulfrid, or Wolfred, Bishop and Martyr

HE was an Englishman of great learning and virtue; and preached the faith, first in Germany; afterwards in Sweden, under the pious king Olas II. who first took the title of king of Sweden; for his predecessors had only been styled kings of Upsal. The good bishop converted many to Christ, till in the year 1028, while he was preaching against the idol Tarstans or Thor, and hewing it down with a hatchet, he was slain by the pagans. See Adam of Bremen, who wrote his most faithful History of the Church in the North,

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