Friday, January 17, 2014


St. Peter Baptist,

Feast day: February 6

Peter Baptist, OFM, (born 1545) was a native of Avila, Spain. He joined the Franciscans in 1567, worked as a missionary in Mexico, was sent to the Philippines in 1583, and on to Japan in 1593, where he served as commissary for the Franciscans. He had the gift of working miracles and is considered the leader of the Franciscan martyrs. 


St. Peter Shukeshiko

Feast day: February 6

Peter Sukejiro (Xukexico), OFM Tert., a Japanese Franciscan tertiary who served as a catechist, house servant, and sacristan to the Franciscan missionaries. He was sent by a Jesuit priest to help the prisoners, and was then arrested. 


St. Matthias of Meako

Feast day: February 6
Died: 1597
Matthias of Miyako, OFM Tert., a Japanese native, became a Franciscan tertiary.

Martyr of Japan. A native Japanese from Meako, Matthias became a Franciscan tertiary. Matthias was not listed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as one of the twenty-six Christians to be slain as examples; however, he took the place of one of the designated martyrs and was crucified with St. Peter Baptist and companions in Nagasaki. Matthias was canonized in 1862.