Monday, May 5, 2014


Blessed Diego de Azevedo, OSB Cist.

 (also known as Didacus)

Feast day: February 6

Blessed Diego De Avezedo was sent to escort the fiance' of Prince Ferdinand. When he arrived, she had died, so he accompanied St. Dominic which ultimately led to the founding of the Dominicans. He died on December 30, 1207. He was Bishop of Osma, Spain. His feast day is February 6th

 A member of the clergy attached to the cathedral at Osma, Old Castile (Spain). He became provost and obtained a canonry for Saint Dominic Guzmán and in 1201 was named bishop of Osma. In 1206, he was sent by King Alfonso IX of Castile to the Marches (Italy) to escort back to Spain the bride-to-be of Prince Ferdinand. On arrival, Diego found the girl dead.

 He then went to Rome, taking with him a member of his party, Saint Dominic, a visit that ultimately led to the founding of the Dominicans. In the same year Diego joined the Cistercians at Cîteaux in order to join the crusade against the Albigensians in Languedoc. He returned to Osma late in 1207 and died there. He has always been styled a beatus or saint by the Cistercians 

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