Thursday, November 27, 2014


St. Berach
Saint Berach of Kilbarry

Also known as Berach of Termonbarry
Barachias of Termonbarry
Barry of Termonbarry
Berachius of Termonbarry

Feast day: February 15

Martyred in 595

Irish abbot and nephew of St. Freoch. He was raised by his uncle and became a disciple of St. Kevin. Berach, who is sometimes called Barachias or Berachius, founded an abbey at Clusin-Coirpte, in Connaught, Ireland. He is the patron saint of Kilbarry, County Dublin.

Brother of Saint Midabaria. Raised by his uncle, Saint Freoch. Spiritual student of Saint Kevin of Glendalough. Built a church and monastery at Cluain Coirpthe, also known as Termonbarry or Kilbarry, Ireland. Believed to be a martyr. His crosier is in the Dublin Museum.

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