Thursday, December 11, 2014


Blessed Andrew of Conti, OFM

Also known as
Andrew of Segni
Andrew of Anagni
Andrew of Comitibus

Feast day :February 15
1 February Piglio, Italy
3 February Franciscans
Born 1240 in Anagni, Italy

1 February 1302 at his Mount Scalambra hermitage near Piglio, Italy of natural causes
interred in the church of San Lorenzo of the Mount Scalambra convent
tomb damaged by bombing on 12 May 1944
relics re-enshrined in the same church on 8 February 1945

11 December 1724 by Pope Innocent XIII (cultus confirmed)

Patronage against demons
 As he is called from his birthplace, was a nephew of Pope Alexander IV. He became a Franciscan lay-brother and remained in that position although offered a cardinal's hat by Pope Boniface VIII .

   Member of the royal family of Anagni, Italy. Nephew of Pope Alexander IV. Franciscan lay-brother. Hermit in the Apennines mountains in Italy. Known as a mystic, he was routinely visited and attacked by demons his whole life. Pope Boniface VIII wished to make him a cardinal, but Andrew declined, citing his inadequacy and his love of solitude.

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