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Blessed Philippa Mareria,

Born  ..1195 at Mareri, Rieti, Italy

Died 16 February 1236 in Borgo San Pietro, Rieti, Italy

Beatified 30 April 1806 by Pope Pius VII (cultus confirmation; decree of heroic virtues)

Feast Day:  16 February

    After having met Saint Francis of Assisi in her parents’ home, she became a hermit on a mountain above Mareri, Italy. Poor Clare nun. Founded a Franciscan convent in Rieti, Italy with the help of Blessed Roger of Todi. Abbess.

 Born in Cicoli, Abruzzi, Italy; died at Rieti, Italy, 1236. Born into a wealthy family, Philippa met Saint Francis of Assisi in her parents' home. She decided 

to become a hermit on a mountain above Mareria. Eventually, she founded and ruled as first abbess a Franciscan convent at Rieti under the direction of Blessed Roger of Todi. 

About this time, St Francis often visited the valley of Rieti, where he established several convents and sometimes called at the home of the devout Mareri. His forceful admonitions, filled with holy simplicity and unction, and his severe life of penance made a deep impression on Philippa.

It was not long before Blessed Philippa Mareri resolved to imitate our holy Father, foregoing wealth and consecrating herself entirely to God. She rejected a proposal to marry with the words:

“I already have a spouse, the noblest and the greatest, Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Neither the remonstrances of her parents, nor the ridicule of her brother Thomas, had any effect in changing her mind. She cut off her hair, donned a very coarse garment, and with several companions withdrew to a cave in the rocks of a nearby mountain. 

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