Thursday, November 17, 2011


St. Cera

Feastday: January 5
7th century

Saint Cera of Ireland (alternately Chera, Chier, Ciara, Cyra, Kiara, Cier, Ciar) was an abbess in the 7th century who died in 679.  She was born in Tipperary and served as abbess of a monastery at Kilkeary and another one at Tehelly

Cera's prayers saved an Irish town from a foul smelling fire. When a noxious blaze broke out in "Muscraig, in Momonia," St. Brendan instructed the inhabitants to seek Cera's prayers. They followed his instructions, Cera prayed in response to their supplications, and the fire disappeared.

St. Cera eventually returned to her own province and founded another monastery, Killchree, which she governed until her death in 679.he later Franciscan Kilcrea Friary stands about a mile west of where her monastery stood, and claims to have taken its name, Kilcrea, in her honor: "Kilcrea (Cill Chre) means the Cell of Cere, Ciara, Cera or Cyra."

St. Cera's feast day is October 16, and a festival on January 5 also commemorated her. Both dates are reported to have been the day of her death. Statements also show December 15.

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