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St. Lomer

Feastday: January 5

Hermit founder of Corbion Monastery, near Chartres, France, sometimes called Laudomarius. He lived to be more-than one hundred.

Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73).  Volume I: January.
The Lives of the Saints.  1866.

January 19
St. Lomer, or Laudomarus, Abbot

IN his childhood he kept his father’s sheep, in which employment he macerated his body by regular fasts, and spent his time in studies and prayer,

under the direction of a certain holy priest. Being afterwards, by compulsion, ordained priest, he was made canon and cellerer, (some moderns say

provost,) of the church of Chartres. After some years he retired into a neighbouring forest. Mabillon thinks at the place where now stands

Bellomer, a monastery of the order of Fontevrald. Many disciples being assembled near his hermitage, he removed with them into another desert,

where he built the monastery of Corbion, (at present a priory called Moutier-au-Perche, six leagues from Chartres,) about the year 575. A

wonderful spirit of prayer, and gift of miracles, rendered his name famous. He died on the 19th of January, in 593, at Chartres, in the house of

the bishop, who had called him thither some time before. In the incursions of the Normans, his remains were removed from place to place, till they

were lodged at Perly, in Auvergne. His head is now kept in the priory of Maissac, called St. Laumer’s, in Auvergne; the rest of his relics were

removed to Blois, where an abbey was built which bears his name. See his anonymous life, written by one who knew him, in Bollandus and Mabillon,

also Chatelain and the Paris Breviary.

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