Monday, January 9, 2012


The Martyrdom of Saint Marciana. 15th century French manuscript.
 St. Marciana of Mauretania

Feastday: January 9
Patron invoked to cure wounds
Died 303 Caesarea, Mauretania Caesariensis

Marciana (died 303) is venerated as a martyr and saint. Her legend states that she was a virgin from Mauretania Caesariensis. During the persecutions of Christians by Roman Emperor Diocletian, she was accused of having smashed a statue of Diana. Marciana was thrown to the wild beasts in the amphitheatre of Caesarea. She was gored to death by a bull and mauled by a leopard

SHE was a native of Rusuccur in Mauritania, and courageously despising all worldly advantages, to secure to herself the possession of the precious jewel of heavenly grace, she was called to the trial in the persecution of Dioclesian, which was continued in Africa under his successors, till the death of Severus, who was declared Cæsar in 305, and slain in 309. St. Marciana was beaten with clubs, and her chastity exposed to the rude attempts of Pagan gladiators, in which danger God miraculously preserved her, and she became the happy instrument of the conversion of one of them to the faith: at length she was torn in pieces by a wild bull and a leopard, in the amphitheatre at Cæsarea in Mauritania. She is the same who is commemorated on the 12th of July, in the ancient breviary of Toledo: and in the Roman, and some other Martyrologies, both on the 9th of July, and on the 9th of January. 

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