Monday, January 9, 2012


St. Waningus

Waningus (Vaneng) Jan 9
+ c 686. Born near Rouen, he became a monk and helped St Wandrille found Fontenelle. Soon after he himself founded another important monastery in F├ęcamp in France.

Feastday: January 9

Benedictine abbot, also listed as Vaneng. A native of Rouen, France, he was a nobleman of the court of King Clotaire III (r. 613-629) of Neustria (parts of modern France) when he gave up a worldly life and entered a monastery, supposedly after receiving a dream in which Saint Eulalia of Barcelona told him of the difficulties faced by the rich in entering the Kingdom of Heaven. He became an assistant to St. Wandrille in the founding of Fontenelle Abbey and was singularly responsible for the establishing of the Holy Trinity Church and Convent of Fecamp.

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