Monday, March 26, 2012


St. Aquilinus
Born Würzburg
Died 650 or 1015 AD Milan

Feast day: January 29

Aquilinus was born in Bavaria. He left his native land to avoid being made a bishop, went to Italy and settled in Milan. A vigorous opponent of Arianism, he was so effective in his preaching against the heresy that a group of Arians murdered him. He died in 650. His feast day is January 29th.

 Born in Bavaria; died in Milan, 650. Trying to escape appointment to high ecclesiastical office in Cologne, Saint Aquilinus became a wandering preacher against Arianism. He first

went to Paris and then to Milan, where he was assassinated by Arians. His relics are venerated in Milan (Benedictines). Saint Aquilinus is pictured with a sword through his neck

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