Monday, March 26, 2012


St. Julian of Cuenca
Born 1127 Burgos, Spain
Died January 28, 1208 Cuenca, Spain

Feast day: January 28

1127 - 1208

Bishop of Cuenca, Spain, when that city was taken from the Moors. He supported himself and the poor of his diocese with his own labors. Julian is the patron of Cuenca.
Julian of Cuenca

 Born in Burgos, Spain, in 1127; died 1208. Saint Julian is known primarily for his dedication to the poor. When Cuenca, New Castile (central Spain), was recaptured by King Alphonsus IX, Julian was appointed bishop of the city. In his longing to help the poor, he is said to have spent all his spare time earning money for them by the work of his hands (Benedictines, Encyclopedia). Saint Julian is pictured as a bishop making baskets, his crozier and miter laid by (Roeder). He is invoked for rain and is patron of the diocese of Cuenca, New Castile

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