Monday, July 2, 2012


St. Hadelin

Hadelin of Dinant, OSB,
 (also known as Adelin of Dinant)

Feast day: February 3
Died: 690

Benedictine abbot, disciple of St. Remaclus. He was born in Gascony, France, and became the founder of Chelles Abbey in liege diocese. Hadelin spent his last years as a hermit on the Meuse River, near Dinart.

 Hadelin, a native of Gascony, followed Saint Remaclus first to Solignac, then to Maestricht  and Stavelot. He became the founder of Celles, in the diocese of Liége, Belgium. Hadelin lived as a hermit near Dinant on the Meuse . In art, Saint Hadelin is portrayed as a Benedictine abbot being visited by King Pepin and his knights. He might also be enthroned before the Abbey of Celles

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