Monday, July 2, 2012


St. Ia of Cornwall

Ia of Cornwall VM
 (also known as Hia, Hya, Iia, Ives)

Feast day: February 3
Died: 450

She was an Irish martyr. She accompanied Sts. Fingar and Piala and others from Ireland to Cornwall, England. There they suffered martyrdom at Hayle, near Penzance. St. Ives in Cornwall commemorates her. +

 Died 6th century or 450 (sources are evenly split between the two dates); another feast on October 27. According to the late medieval legend, the sister of Saints Ercus (or Euny) and Herygh, Saint Ia, was a holy maiden who came from Ireland to Cornwall--sailing on a leaf that grew to accommodate her--and landed and settled at the mouth of the Hayle River where Saint Ives, formerly called Porth Ia, now stands. She is said to have crossed with Saints Fingar, Phiala, and other missionaries. In Cornwall she erected a cell where she lived the life of prayer and austerities. This version relates that Ia suffered martyrdom in Cornwall at the mouth of the Hayle River. Leland saw her vita at Saint Ives, which depicted her as a noble of Saint Barricus; a church was built at her request by Dinan, a great lord of Cornwall. Breton tradition makes her a convert of Saint Patrick, and says that she went to Armorica with 777 disciples, where she was martyred. She is the eponym of Plouy√©, near Carhaix. Do not confuse her with Saint Ives of Saint Ives, Huntingdonshire

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