Monday, July 7, 2014


St. Adaucus

also known as Adauctus
Feast day: February 7

Death: 304

Saint Adaucus was an Italian finance minister at the imperial court of Diocletian in Phrygia. The emperor had him killed when he discovered that Adaucus was a Christian. Many Phrygian Christians were martyred with him as their town, Antandro, was burned over their heads .

Saint Adaucus was a martyr for the faith, this nobleman of Italian birth reached the rank of quaestor in the government in Phrygia modern Turkey. Emperor Diocletian ( 284-305) conducted persecutions against Christians during Adaucus' life. In 303 the emperor commanded that Adaucus' town in Phrygia be burned to the ground by Roman soldiers. Adaucus and all the other Christians in the region perished as a result. They were martyred in Astandro, Phrygia.

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