Monday, July 7, 2014


St. Tressan

Tressan of Mareuil
 also known as Tresain
Feast day: February 7

Death: 550

Irish missionary, also called Tresian. He left his native country to assist the spread of the faith in Gaul modern France, receiving ordination from the hands of St. Remigius.

 Saint Tressan is said to be one of five or six brothers, including Saint Gibrian, and three sisters, who travelled from Ireland to France to evangelize for the glory of God in the diocese of Rheims, France. The names of the others are given as Helan, Germanus, Abran who may be Gibrian, Petran, Franca, Promptia, and Possenna (variations on these names are used). Tressan worked there as a swineherd, but he was ordained to the priesthood by Saint Remigius, who provided the siblings with suitable retreats from which they could spread the faith. Tressan became curate of Mareuil-sur-Marne, and the patron saint of Avenay in Champagne. His cultus is strong and has been continuous in the area of Rheims. More than 1,000 years after his death, Pope Clement VIII and Archbishop Philip of Rheims authorized the publishing of an Office for his feast 

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