Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Feast Day: February 5
 (also known as Bertulf, Bertulph)
 Born in Pannonia (Hungary) or Germany; died in Artois 705. Saint Bertoul migrated from Germany to Flanders, where converted to Christianity. For years he was steward to Count Wambert, whom he served so faithfully that the count entrusted the administration of his entire estate to Bertoul and gave him the land of Renty, where Bertoul built an abbey. Upon his benefactor's death, Bertoul became a priest and retired there as abbot. He died a monk in Artois . In art, Saint Bertoul is sheltered from the rain by an eagle. He may also be portrayed
(1) with a ship in his hand,
 (2) changing water into wine (Roeder). He is venerated in Germany and the Netherlands and invoked against storm

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