Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Indractus and Dominica of Glastonbury
Feast Day: February 5
 Died  708-710.
An old legend makes Indract an Irish chieftain, who became the 21st abbot of Iona. About 854, Indractus and his sister Dominica (Drusa) set out from Cornwall or Somerset on a pilgrimage to Rome. On their return from Rome, they were killed by heathen Saxons together with nine of their Irish comrades near Glastonbury. A strong cultus arose immediately. Their relics were enshrined at Glastonbury Abbey, which legend connects to Saints Patrick, Brigid, and Benignus because it was first dedicated to Blessed Mary and Saint Patrick and was served by Irish monks as late as the 10th century. A still later legend has made Indractus and Dominica contemporaries of Saint Patrick

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