Tuesday, September 10, 2013


St. Vodoaldus
Vodalus, Hermit
Feast Day: February 5
Died: 725
(also known as Vodoaldus, Voel)

Hermit, sometimes called Voel and Vodalus. A native of Ireland or Scotland, he journeyed to France and worked for a time as a missionary. He later lived as a hermit beside St. Mary's Convent at Soissons. Vodoaldus was a great miracle worker.

 Vodalus was an Irish or Scottish monk who crossed over to Gaul and settled near Saint Mary's convent, which was governed by Saint Adalgard. Following a misunderstanding, Vodalus returned home, but was later divinely guided back to serve as a missionary. He died a recluse near Soissons

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