Saturday, October 11, 2014


St. Abraham of Carrhae

Feast day: February 14

Death: 422

Also known as Abraham of Charres
Hermit, bishop, and missionary who was born in Cyrrhus, Syria. He became a recluse in the desert near Mount Lebanon and tried to convert the local people. Reviled for his efforts, Abraham continued his apostolate, eventually winning over his neighbors to the faith. Unable to pay their taxes, the locals were saved by Abraham, who used his own funds to settle their debts. He was named the bishop of Carrhae, in Mesopotamia, where he again converted the local people. While visiting Emperor Theodosius II in Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey, Abraham died.

Abraham of Charres was a Syrian hermit and bishop of Harran. He was born and educated at Carrhae modern Harran in Syria, and preached the Gospel in the valley of Mount Lebanon, where he lived as a hermit. He was later elected bishop of Harran, where he worked vigorously to reduce the existing abuses. He died in Constantinople in 422 after going there to consult with Theodosius II, although some argue that it may have instead occurred in 390 under Theodosius II's predecessor, Theodosius I. His body was transferred back to Harran. 

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