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John Baptist of the Conception,  Trinitarian
Also known as Saint John Garcia

Feast day: February 14

 Born in Almodovar, Toledo, Spain, 1561;
Died 1613;
Beatified in 1819.
John Garcia entered the Trinitarian Order at Toledo and 17 years later joined the party of reform in that order. As superior, he inaugurated such a revival at Valdepeñas in 1597. The reform,
called the Discalced Trinitarians, was approved by Rome and John had to endure on that account the bitter opposition of the 'unreformed.' At the time of his death, 34 houses had adopted the reform .

The reform of the Trinitarian Order was the work of St. John Baptist of the Conception 1561-1613. In Valdepeñas Ciudad Real - Spain he established the first community of the discalced Trinitarians. With the Brief Ad Militantes Ecclesiae, Pope Clement VIII gave ecclesial validity to the Congregation of the reformed and discalced brothers of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, instituted to observe with all its vigor the Rule of St. John of Matha.

John Baptist of the Conception founded 18 convents of religious and one of cloistered Sisters. He lived and transmitted to his sons an intense spirit of charity, prayer, recollection, humility and penance, placing special interest in keeping alive the solidarity delivery to the captives and to the poor. The relation of the Trinitarians with the Trinity, as a vital center and source of redemptive charity, is a central theme in his life and teachings.

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