Thursday, October 9, 2014


The Miracle of Saint Fulcran, by Francois Matet 1805

Saint Fulcran of Lodeve

Feast day :13 February
Died 1006.
Penitent bishop of Lodeve, Languedoc, Fulcran was famous for his energetic rule. He was consecrated in 949 and ruled his diocese for more than a half century .

Pious youth who early decided on a life in the Church. Priest. Bishop of Lodeve, France for 57 years, consecrated on 4 February 949. Rebuilt many churches and convents. Founded the monastery of Saint Sauveur, and several hospitals for the poor. Untiring reformer and supporter of the spiritual life of his clergy, known for his personal asceticism.

The Body of Saint Fulcran Desecrated by Protestants
After his death he was buried in Lodeve Cathedral and honoured as a saint. His body, which had been preserved intact, was burned by the Huguenots in 1572, and only a few particles of his remains were saved.

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