Tuesday, February 28, 2012


St. Ansurius

 Ansurius of Orense, OSB B (AC)
 (also known as Aduri, Asurius, Isauri)
Feastday: January 26
Died: 925

Bishop and Benedictine monk, also called Isauri. In 915, Ansurius was elected the bishop of Orense, Spanish Galicia, Spain, and founded the abbey of Ribas de Sil. After seven years, he retired his see and entered Ribas de Sil.

 Died 925. Saint Ansurius was bishop of Orense in Spanish Galicia and helped in the foundation of the Benedictine abbey of Ribas de Sil. He was elected to the see in 915 and

in 922 he resigned and became a monk at the monastery he helped to found. After his death he was venerated there, together with seven other bishops who had followed his


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