Tuesday, February 21, 2012


St. Asclas

Feast day: January 23
Died: 287
Asclas of Antinoe M
 Died . 287. Legend says that Saint Asclas was born in the Thebaid. After his arrest, he is said to have miraculously stranded the governor, Arrian, in the Nile until he would profess the Christian faith. The governor claimed he did and returned to land. Almost immediately he had Asclas martyred by being thrown into the Nile at Antinoe, Egypt. At one time he had a very popular cultus

Martyr who performed a miracle concerning Arrian, the governor of Egypt. Asclas was brought before Arrian during the persecutions instituted by Emperor Diocletian. Asclas was tortured for a time by Governor Arrian, until Arrian started to cross the Nile but found himself unable to do so. Asclas informed the governor that he would never cross the Nile unless he acknowledged Christ in writing. Arrian wrote this tribute and crossed the Nile. However, once safe, he commanded that Asclas be tortured and thrown into the Nile.

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