Tuesday, February 28, 2012


St. Thordgith

Tortgith  of Barking, ,
 (also known as Theorigitha, Thordgith, Thorctgyd)

Feas tday: January 26
Died: 700

Benedictine nun at the abbey of Barking, England, also called Theoregitha. She served as the novice-mistress in the community under St. Ethelburga.

 Died c. 681-700; feast day sometimes given as January 25. Tortgith, novice-mistress of Barking Abbey under Saint Etheldreda, was the friend of its founder, Saint Ethelburga.

She is described as a miracle of patience under suffering, zeal, and care for the young. She suffered paralysis for six years (669-675) and experienced a vision of Ethelburga just before the abbess's death. Three years later, after losing her power of speech, too, she had another vision and spoke with Ethelburga about her imminent death. Her words

but not those of Ethelburga were recorded by witnesses and sent to the Venerable Bede

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