Tuesday, February 21, 2012


St. Maccallin

Feast day: January 21

Benedictine abbot of St. Michael's at Thierache. on the French portion of the Meuse and Waulsort. An Irishman also called Macallan. he made a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Fursey in Peronne. France. He became a Benedictine at Gorze. and later became an abbot of that monastery.

Maccallin of Waulsort, OSB, Abbot
 (also known as Malcallan, Maolcalain)
 Died 978. Maccallin was an Irishman who made a pilgrimage to Saint Fursey's shrine at Péronne during the Viking terror. He entered the Benedictine abbey of Gorze. Later he became a hermit and was given a grant of land on which he founded Saint Michael's monastery at Thiérache and governed it as abbot. Soon after he made a second foundation at Waulsort (Valciodorum) Abbey, near Dinant, Belgium, on the River Meuse, over which he placed Saint Cadroe. In 946, Emperor Otto I issued a charter that stipulated that Waulsort should be governed by an Irish abbot so long as one was available within the community

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