Saturday, June 23, 2012


Adalbald of Ostrevant
St. Adalbald of Ostrevant

Feast day: February 2
Died: 652
 (also known as Adelbaldus)
 Born in Flanders, died 652.
Adalbald kept very good company. He was the grandson of Saint
Gertrude of Hamage, son of Rigomer, friend of Saint Amandus, spouse of Saint Rictrudis,
father of Saints Mauront, Eusebia, Clotsindis, and Adalsindis. He met his Gascon wife, with
whom he lived in great holiness and happiness, during his service at the court of Dagobert I
for whom he fought in Gascony. The family devoted itself to pious works. Sixteen years after
their wedding, Adalbald was slain by family members of Ricturdis who disapproved of the  marriage. It was a political martyrdom but he was soon after venerated as a saint .Noble and martyr, who faced some of the most vicious in-laws ever recorded

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