Monday, June 18, 2012


St. John of the Grating

John of the Grating, OSB Cist.
also known as John de Craticula

Feast day: February 1
Died: 1168 OR 1170.
Canonized 1517 by Cultus confirmed by Pope Leo X

Cistercian bishop, so named because of the grating , or metal rails, surrounding his shrine. A Breton who entered Clairvaux, he was professed by St. Bernard and became bishop of Aleth before the see was transferred to SaintMalo. He founded Sainte-Croix de Guingamp and Saint-Jacques de Montfort Abbeys.

 John received his moniker because of the metal enclosure needed to protect his grave. He was a Breton who entered Clairvaux and was professed under Saint Bernard. He returned to Brittany as abbot-founder of Buzay and B├ęgard and finally was promoted to the bishopric of Aleth, which he transferred to Saint-Malo. He introduced canons regular into the diocese, and some sources treat him as a canon, and a friend of Saint Bernard, but not a monk under him

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