Monday, June 18, 2012


St. Paul of Trois Chateaux

Paul of Trois-Châteaux
 Born in Rheims, France;
Feast day: February 1
Died: 405

Hermit and bishop. Paul was originally from Reims, in Gaul, and fled his home to escape the advancing Germanic tribes which were overrunning the Roman provinces. Settling in the area around Arles, he became a hermit. Later, owing to his fame, he was named against his will the bishop of Augusta Tricastinorum, a now extinct diocese in the French departement of Dauphine.
  After Saint Paul escaped the barbarian invasions, he became a hermit near Arles, and eventually was chosen bishop of Trois-Châteaux (Augusta Tricastrinorum--a now extinct diocese) in Dauphiné

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