Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Cecilius of Granada
Bishop and martyr
Died 1st century

 Granada, Spain
Feast day: February 1;second feast on May 15
 Date unknown; . Saint Cecilius was the first bishop of Granada, Spain. Legend claims that he was one of the seven disciples of Saint James, and consecrated bishop at the hands of Saint Peter himself. As in the case of many early French bishops, the Spanish try to link their saints directly to the Apostles; however, it is likely that Saint Cecilius lived in the 3rd century

He is one of the group of Seven Apostolic Men (siete varones apostólicos), seven Christian clerics ordained in Rome by Saints Peter and Paul and sent to evangelize Spain. Besides Caecilius, this group includes Sts. Hesychius, Ctesiphon, Torquatus, Euphrasius, Indaletius, and Secundius (Isicio, Cecilio, Tesifonte, Eufrasio, Hesiquio y Segundo).

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