Monday, February 6, 2012


St. Agrecius
Feastday: January 13
Died: 335

 also known as Agritius of Trèves Died  335. Saint Agrecius preceded Saint Maximinus as bishop of Trèves (Trier in the Palatinate, Germany). He took part in the council of Arles in 314. An 11th century vita tells how Agrecius, with the help of Saint Helena of Constantinople procured the Holy Coat of Trier, which is said to be the seamless garment of Our Lord

Bishop and missionary, a trusted associate of St. Helena, empress. Little is documented about Agrecius (also called Agricius) in his early years. He is believed to have been patriarch of Antioch when he was named the bishop of Treves (modern Trier), Germany. Pope Sylvester I (r. 314-335) named Agrecius to this see at the request of St. Helena. Agrecius was also present at the Council of Aries in 314. St. Athanasius came to Treves in around 335 and found Agrecius building many new parish churches. The Relics of Trier, a collection associated with St. Helena's visit to the Holy Land and entrusted to Agrecius, are believed to date to his episcopacy. Agrecius also attracted saints and scholars to Treves or Trier. Sts. Maximus and Paulinus taught in the schools there. Agrecius served as bishop for twenty years

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