Monday, February 6, 2012


St. Gumesindus

At Cordova, the holy martyrs Gumesind, priest, and Servideus, monk.

Feastday: January 13
Died: 852

Spanish martyr with Servus Dei. Gumesindus was a priest, and Servus Dei a monk. They suffered under Abd al Rahman at Cordoba, Spain.

The Martyrs of C√≥rdoba were forty-eight Christian martyrs living in the 9th century Muslim-ruled Al-Andalus, in what is now southern Spain; their hagiography describes in detail their executions for deliberately sought capital violations of Muslim law in Al-Andalus. The martyrdoms instanced by Eulogius took place between 851 and 859; with few exceptions, the Christians invited execution by making public statements tactically chosen to invite martyrdom:  The lack of an interested chronicler after Eulogius' own martyrdom has given way to the misimpression that there were fewer episodes later in the 9th century.

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