Tuesday, February 7, 2012


St. Maximus of Nola
Feastday: January 15
Died: 250

Bishop of Nola, Italy, who ordained St. Felix of Nola. During the Roman persecutions, Maximus fled to the mountains where he suffered greatly. He died at Nola from the sufferings he endured.
Maximus of Nola
 Died after 250. More about Saint Maximus can be found in the life of Saint Felix of Nola, whom Maximus ordained to the priesthood. During the Decius's persecution of the Christians, Saint Maximus was forced to flee his see of Nola. In the mountains of southern Italy, he nearly died of exposure and hunger but was rescued by Saint Felix and died as a result of his hardships under tender care of his flock (Benedictines). In art Saint Maximus has grapes growing on brambles near him. He may also be shown ordaining Saint Felix

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