Friday, February 17, 2012


Remigius of Rouen
feast day Jan 19
 + c 772. Bishop of Rouen in France from 755 on.

Remigius (or Remedius) (died 771 OR c 772) was the illegitimate son of Charles Martel and probably Ruodhaid. He was also the third archbishop of Rouen from 755 to 762. Along with his brothers, he was denied any claim to the legacy of his father. He became archbishop during the reign of his half brother Pippin the Younger.

Remigius is also known as Saint Remigius. His feast day is January 19. He was instrumental in implementing the Roman rite and chant in the Gallic church.

Remigius also accompanied Pippin to Italy in 760 with his two brothers (Bernard and Hieronymus) to mediate between Pope Paul I and Desiderius.

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