Saturday, June 16, 2012


St. Eusebius

Eusebius of Saint Gall,

 also known as Eusebius of Mount Saint Victor

Feast day: January 31
Died: 884

Martyred Irish Benedictine. While traveling from Ireland to Switzerland, Eusebius became a Benedictine at Saint-Gall Monastery, Switzerland. He spent thirty years as a hermit on Mt. St. Victor and was cut down by a scythe when he preached to a group of pagan peasants.

 Montague shows his feast on January 30. The Irishman Eusebius, called Scotigena by Ratpert of Saint Gall, was a pilgrim who took the Benedictine habit in the Swiss abbey of Saint Gall. Ekkehard, another chronicler of the abbey, reports that Eusebius was from Ireland. Soon after his arrival in Switzerland, Eusebius opted for the life of solitude as a hermit on Mount Saint Victor in the Vorarlberg, where he spent 30 years.

 He was highly venerated in his lifetime by King Charles, son and

 When he was denouncing the sins of some godless peasants, one of them struck and killed him with a scythe; hence, he is venerated as a martyr

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