Sunday, June 17, 2012


St. Ulphia

Ulphia of Amiens
 (also known as Olfe, Wulfe, Wolfia, Wulfia)

Feast day: January 31
 Died 995 (or . 750)

Hermitess, also called Wulfe and Wulfia. She lived as a recluse near Amiens, France, spending many years as a disciple of St. Domitius at Sr. Acheul Abbey. When disciples began to build hermitages around her, Ulphia organized them into a community. She then resumed her eremetical life alone.

. Saint Ulphia was a solitary at Saint-Acheul near Amiens under the spiritual direction of Saint Domitius. Towards the end of her life, she formed and directed a community at Amiens. The convent of Paraclete was built over her tomb In art, Saint Ulphia is a young nun seated in prayer on a rock with a frog in the pool near her (Roeder). She is venerated at Amiens, France
Bas relief of Ulphia in a chapel at the cathedral of Amiens.

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