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St. Ansbert

Ansbert of Fontenelle

 Also known as Aubert
Feast day: February 9
 Died . 695-700.

 A noted courtier, Ansbert was named the abbot of Fontenelle in Rouen, France.Ansbert succeeded St. Quen as bishop of Rouen, but was caught up in the political upheavals of his time. After a time, Ansbert was exiled to Hautmont Monastery by Pepin, the mayor of the royal palace.
                     Saint Ansbert was the chancellor of the court of Clotaire III. Apparently, he was both a married man  and a statesman, yet he was called by God to another life. He left the court for the Fontenelle Abbey where he placed himself under its founder, Saint Wandrille. When Wandrille's successor, Saint Lambert, was raised to the see of Lyons in 678, Ansbert was chosen to be its third abbot. He governed Fontenelle and was the confessor to King Theodoric III, until he was consecrated bishop of Rouen upon the death of Saint Ouen in 684. Although piety flourished in his see with his care, wisdom, and learning, Pepin of Heristal, mayor of the palace, banished him upon a false accusation to the monastery of Hautmont at Hainault on the Sambre, where he died

 In art, Saint Ansbert is a bishop with a chalice and the abbey of Fontenelle is behind him. He might have a scourge in his hands .

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