Wednesday, August 6, 2014


St. Kigwe

Feast day: February 8

Also known as Kewe, Ciwg, Ciwa, Cwick, Kigwoe, Kuet, Kywere
Death: unknown

5th century
 A Welsh saint,Saint Kigwe is probably identical to Saint Ciwa, a 6th or 7th century saint venerated in Monmouthshire; she should not be confused with Saint Cuach, the nurse of the Irish Saint Ciaran. She is the patron of Saint Kew in Cornwall, formerly called Docco in honor of Saint Congar, whose abbey was ruined
before the end of the first millennium. Kigwe replaced him as patron before the 14th century.

 According to Roscarrock, Kigwe was Congar's sister, but when she visited her brother in his hermit's cell, "he would not receive her until such time as he saw a wild boar miraculously obey her, after which time he conversed with her, who proved of such rare virtue and holiness as she was after her death reputed a saint and the Church of the parish called after her."

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