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Peter Igneus, Cardinal

St. Peter Igneus

Feast day: February 8

Death: 1089

 Saint Peter is said to have been a member of the Aldobrandini family of Florence. He took his vows at Vallombrosa under Saint John Gualbert. Shortly thereafter, according to a credible contemporary account, in order to convict the bishop of Florence of simony, Peter miraculously passed through the flames unharmed, hence the surname Igneus . Later he became cardinal archbishop of Albano, Italy, and papal legate in foreign lands .

Cardinal and Benedictine. He was born to the Italian noble house of Aldobrandini but chose to enter the Benedictines, taking his vows at Vallumbrosa under the guidance of St. John Gualbert. Years later, he became the cardinal bishop of Albano and served as a papal legate to various countries. His name Igneus, meaning of the fire,was derived from the occasion when he was still a monk during which the Benedictines sought to prove that the bishop of Florence was guilty of simony. To demonstrate the sincerity of the accusers, Peter walked safely through the flames in the so-called ordeal of fire.

 Saint Peter is pictured as a young monk in an alb and stole, holding a cross, walking through fire in the presence of Saint John Gaulbert. He may be a Vallombrosian  holding fire in his hand. He is venerated in Florence, Italy .

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