Saturday, August 30, 2014


St. Austreberta
Austreberta of Pavilly
Also known as Eustreberta

Feast day: February 10
Birth: 630
Death: 704
Born near Therouanne,Benedictine abbess, Artois, France, 630; died in Normandy, 704. Austreberta means 'wheat of God', the daughter of the Count Palatine Badefrid and St. Framechildis, near Therouanne, Artois, France. Faced with an unwanted marriage, Austreberta went to St. Omer, who gave her the veil, the symbol of the consecrated virgin. She also convinced her family that she had a true vocation. Austreberta entered the convent of Abbeville, Port-sur-Somme.where she later became abbess. She left the convent at Port to direct and reform a new and laxly established garret of 25 nuns in Parvilly.
 She was famed for her visions and miracles.

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