Sunday, August 31, 2014


St. Erluph

Erluph of Werden
Feast day: February 10
Died 830.

   Martyred bishop of Werden, Germany. From Scotland originally,  Pagans martyred Erluph to protest his success as a missionary.

    Saint Erluph was one of ten bishops of Verden, Germany, who were said to be of Irish extraction. Erluph came to Germany as a missionary and became the third bishop of Verden, succeeding Saint Tanco. Like his predecessor, he was killed by a pagan mob. In 1630, his relics were discovered with those of other bishops during the repair of the old cathedral. The remains were encased in a casket and placed in back of the high altar until Bishop Francis William fled with them in 1659 to Regensburg in the wake of Swedish invaders.

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