Sunday, August 10, 2014


Stephen Cuenot
Feast day : February 8

 Born at Beaulieu, France, 1802.
 died November 4, 1861.
Beatified in 1909; canonized in 1988 as one of the Martyrs of Vietnam.

Stephen joined the Society of Foreign Missions in Paris and was sent to Annam. In 1833, at a time when xenophobic persecutions were being renewed, he was appointed vicar apostolic of eastern Cochin-
China and received episcopal consecration at Singapore. He returned to Annam where he enjoyed 25 fruitful years of service during which many souls were converted and he established three vicariates. When
another persecution broke out in 1861, Bishop Cuenot was hidden by a pagan until he had to emerge for water. Cuenot was arrested and died in prison of dysentery perhaps of poison shortly after his
arrest and just before the date fixed for his execution. 

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