Sunday, September 7, 2014


Blessed Antony of Saxony & Companions, OFM
Feast day: February 12

Death: 1369

 These Franciscans were slain by a pagan chief in the area, until recently, comprising modern Yugoslavia, at Widdin.

 A group of Franciscan martyrs consisting of Antony of Saxony, Gregory of Tragurio, Nicholas of Hungary, Thomas of Foligno, and Ladislaus of Hungary, who were put to death for the faith by King Bazarath at the village of Widdin in some part of former Yugoslavia in the presence of the heretic monk by whom they had been arrested. Of special note considering general impatience in the West regarding the delay in beatifications, after 600 years these martyrs have never been officially beatified. Theirs is simply a popular cultus.

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