Friday, September 26, 2014


Bl. John Lantrua of Triora OFM

Feast day: February 13
Born in Triora, Liguria, Italy, 1760;
Death:in China, 1816;

Beatified in 1900.
Franciscan martyr of China. He was born at Triora, in Liguria, Italy, in 1760, and became a Franciscan at the age of seventeen. John volunteered for the Chinese missions. After working in China with great success from 1798, he was arrested, imprisoned, and strangled on February 7.

John joined the Franciscans when he was 17. He could have continued to live a happy little life as the guardian of Velletri near Rome, but instead he volunteered for the Chinese missions though he knew a fierce persecution was raging. He arrived in China in 1799 and worked with success in spite of many obstacles. Eventually, he was seized and martyred by strangulation at Ch'angsha Fu . John was beatified in 1900.

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