Sunday, September 7, 2014


St. Ethelwald

Ethelwald of Lindisfarne,
Also known as Æthelweald, Aedilauld, Ethilwald, Ethelwold

Feast day: February 12

Born in Northumbria
Died  740;

Bishop of Lindisfame, England, a disciple of St. Cuthbert. Ethelwald served as prior and then abbot of Old Melrose in Scotland. St. Bede praised Etheiwald, who succeeded St. Eadfrith at Lindisfame in 721.

     Second feast of the translation of his relics by King Edgar to Westminster on April 21. Ethelwald
was one of Saint Cuthbert's chief assistants. He was prior and then abbot of Old Melrose in Scotland. On the death of Saint Edfrith, Ethelwald succeeded to the see of Lindisfarne. His interest in Edfrith's work is demonstrated by his patronage of the hermit Saint Billfrith, who made at his request a binding for it of gold and precious stones now lost. His relics were translated from Lindisfarne with those of Saint Cuthbert. A stone cross bearing his name went from Lindisfarne to Durham. A compilation by him called Ymnarius Edilwaldi may be the source of the Book of Cerne .

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