Thursday, September 4, 2014


Blessed Helwisa of Coulombs
 Died - 1060 OR 1066 of natural causes
Relics enshrined in the abbey at Coulombs, France
Feastday: February 11
Also known as Elisa ,Eloisa,Heloise,Helvisa
Helwisa was a recluse under the obedience of the

Benedictine abbey of Coulombs in Normandy .

Born to the French nobility. Married to Count Hugh of Meulan. Widowed. Donated a large part of her inheritance to the nearby Benedictine abbey of Notre-Dame in Coulombs, France. She married again but was soon widowed a second time and decided to renounce all worldly life. She spent the rest of her days as an anchoress in a cell attached the basilica and under the spiritual direction of the abbey in Coulombs, but never joined the Order. 

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