Thursday, September 4, 2014


Saint Castrensis of Capua

Also known as Castrense,Castrese

Feast day: February 11
Relics at Capua, Italy and in Monreale, Sicily
Bishop exiled from Africa to Italy in the 5th century by Arian Vandals. Bishop of Capua, Italy.

Saint Castrensis has a second feast day on September 1 together with Priscus, an African bishop, and his priests Tamarus, Rosius, Heraclius, Secundinus, Adjutor, Mark, Augustus, Elpidius, Canion, and Vindonius who were cast adrift in a rudderless boat by the Arian Vandals. They reached southern Italy, where eventually Priscus became bishop of Capua and several of the others were promoted to other sees. The Acta, however, are untrustworthy. It seems that the companions of Saint Priscus are Campanian Italian saints unconnected with the story in the Roman Martyrology. One opinion interprets Priscus Castrensis as meaning
"Priscus formerly bishop of Castra in northern Africa" .

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