Monday, September 22, 2014


St. Agabus
Agabus the Prophet

Feast day: February 13

Death: 1st Century

Martyr and one of the seventy-two disciples mentioned by St. Luke. He was a Jewish convert to the faith, noted as a prophet. Agabus predicted a famine in the Roman Empire and probably Paul's imprisonment. Agabus was unable to dissuade Paul from going to Jerusalem. The martyr died for the faith in the city of Antioch.

 A Jewish-Christian prophet from Jerusalem, Agabus came to Antioch and predicted a famine throughout the Roman Empire (Acts 11:28-29), which actually occurred in 49 AD during the reign of Emperor Claudius. He is probably the same Agabus who predicted Paul's imprisonment in Jerusalem (Acts 21:10ff). According to tradition, he died a martyr at Antioch. A Carmelite legend has led to his being usually represented in art robed in the Carmelite habit and holding the model of a church .

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