Thursday, September 4, 2014


Soteris of Rome

 Died :Beaten and beheaded on 10 February 304 in Rome, Italy buried in the Catacombs of San Callisto in Rome
 Feast day:10 February/11 February on some calendars

Wealthy 3rd century noble family. A beatiful young woman, she consecrated herself to God.

   Saint Ambrose boasts that the virgin Soteris was the fairest flower of his illustrious Roman family, the Aureli family, which included a long line of consuls and prefects. She seems to have been a sister of his great-great- grandmother. She renounced her high birth, riches, and beauty to more perfectly consecrate her virginity to God. In order to avoid the dangers to which her beauty exposed her, she neglected her looks entirely, and dressed instead in Christian simplicity and modesty. Her virtue prepared her well for the coming persecution of Diocletian and Maximianus. It is said that after capture, Soteris wore out her tormentors. The judge commanded that her face be disfigured. This didn't bother her much because she gave no thought to her looks. Instead, she rejoiced to be treated as Jesus had been. They tortured her in other ways, and she exasperated them because she never gave any indication of discomfort or fear. Having worn their patience to the quick, the judge ordered that she be beheaded .

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